Sunday, July 17, 2005

Guess who's back...

So my magical power of making the Sox doing well when I'm not watching seems to have left me. Sure they outscored the Yankes 27-16, but still went 1-2. I really like the Leiter-vs.-Red Sox matchup, though. I hope the Marlins got a lot for him though -- it's a seller's market, and the Yanks were really desperate.


  1. yeah we should be able ot pund Leiter. I mean he sucked in the NL and now he is in the AL. We need to score some soon. 4-0. Ugh.

    I read the Yanks agreed to pay 400,000 of the remaining salary and give a PTBNL. Loria, the FLA owner is a Yankee fan, so I wonder if that plays into it as well?

  2. How does the whole P2BNL work? Does Florida get to name the player? Presumably both teams have to agree? What if they can't agree on someone?

  3. Usually, there is a list of players from which the Marlins can choose from at some later date. And/or in some creative deals, the list changes (expands) if there are other criteria met (i.e., games started, wins, IP, etc).

    Sometimes the player is already agreed to and for some reason the club does not want to announce (i.e., on DL) or can not (a player from this year's draft that has to meet the one year cooling off period).

  4. Leiter looked great tonight. That is a bad sign...

    In the ninth, on Varitek's single, why didn't Nixon take 3rd? There is no way Sheffield throws him out on that. Then he scores on Mueller's bloop. That double play doesn't happen (was Cora safe?). Not sure how the inning plays out after that. Damon's ground ball wasn't hit hard enough to turn two. Maybe the Yankees have to play the infield in at that point to prevent Tek from scoring the tying run...

    To me, that baserunning play significantly could have changed that ninth inning.

  5. I'm not sure. If Nixon is on second, then Varitek's hit may not happen, because the infield would be moved around. One out, one run. Cora was safe, but whatever -- Sox lost, bad.

    Really, is Cora the best we can do for a bench player in that situation? Makes me wish Youk was available...

  6. Yea, that was painful. I thought that maybe Tito would pinch hit Olreud for Cora, although I don't know Olreud's success against Rivera and then if we had to move Mueller to Second and Youk to Third. Is Youk hurt?

    Can I buy a clue? I am having a miserable fantasy season because for whatever reason I am about 3 weeks behind on news. Remember that time I left Halladay in my rotation for a week while he was hurt and benched Rogers while he was appealing his suspension. Good Times!!!

    Ok, this is not a Fantasy form. I hate Al Lieter, but I can't wait until Anhiem faces him, I think he'll show his true colors.

  7. I think there is waaaaaay to much being made about ONE Al Leiter start. This guy sucked in the NL, in a sever pitchers park. The sox had virtually no time to prepare for him and likely had no scouting report. Or one that was not well prepared. And he threw strikes last night for the first time this season. It is only a matter of time that he reverts to his old form. Tha Yanks got what they needed - bridge until the return of Brown and Pavano. And they won at least one of the games.

  8. Youk was sent back down to make room for Schill or Bradford...

    I haven't seen anything, but it is possible that Bellhorn is hurt.

  9. Of course; my point was I'd rather have him and Mueller rather than just one of them and Cora.

  10. Bellhorn's been put on the DL with a sprained thumb, Youk called up.

    After two weeks of Alex Cora, we will all be clamoring to get Bellhorn back.

  11. I agree -- Cora hurts. Can Youk play 2nd?!?

    Also, I guess I had assumed Olerud wasn't available. But he was. Tito's explanation about not bringing in Olerud was "who'll play second base?" The corect answer of course is Mueller, with Millar playing third. Who the hell cares about extra innings when you can win now?!? It's like basketball teams going for the 2-point shot to tie rather than the 3-pointer to win. Basic statistics tells you to go for the win; but it's human nature to play conservatively I guess.

    In my opinion, one of Tito's worst moments as manager this season.