Saturday, July 30, 2005

Papi, forgive them, for...

Man, that's twice in three games I've been upset after a win. The first was of course when Nixon got hurt, and Clement got slammed. Then comes yesterday's game, in which Red Sox "fans" boo Manny. As in Manny Ramirez, the reigning World Series MVP. Unless they were all actually saying "Boo-urns", I'm pretty pissed off. After the game they got called out by David Oritz: "I don't think it's fair, people booing Manny...The guy, he leaves his heart and soul on the field for the fans. He's done the job here...He has nothing against the fans. The fans should appreciate what Manny Ramirez has done here." Meanwhile, Francona backtracked on his earlier comments (which as I said, made no real sense), calling the incident a "speed bump". I'm hoping today we'll see a backlash, with the cheers drowning out the boos.

A couple trade rumors have popped up: give up Manny and two prospects and get (drum roll please) Aubrey Huff and Mike Cameron, or give up the same two prospects and get...Larry Bigbie (ba dum bum). Neither trade makes any sense to me. In one, the Sox give up a lot to get not too much, and in the other, the Sox give up a little to get almost nothing. I fail to see how a OF with a .688 OPS helps much, particularly since Kapler's being activated soon. But that's just me; ITWT.

[In other news, the Yanks have signed Alan Embree. Not sure how to feel about that.]

[Update, 1:12 pm: scratch that. I now know how I feel about that. I like it. I like it ah-loht.]


  1. Well, in his first appearance with the Yanks, Embree came in with a man on first and a 3-1 lead, and promptly gave up a loop single, then threw away a bunt attempt by Figgins. He was lifted, and the next batter - Orlando Cabrera - singled to drive in the go-ahead run. So now Embree is on the hook for the loss.

    The Sox beat the Yankees even when we're not playing them. How wonderful.

  2. Yeah, I've been listening to it on the radio. And another former Sox, Tom Gordon, looked awesome as well. Hopefully the Sox implanted the same control chip in Hideo Nomo as well.

    Anyone watching it on TV? What does he look like without the beard?!? (More chipmunklike than usual, I'd assume.)

  3. I never got a real good look at the clean-shaven face, but I'm happy to report that his performance still looked exactly like Alan Embree. Let in everyon else's runs, get pulled, then have all of yours knocked in.

  4. Seriously, what the fuck is going on now.