Tuesday, July 12, 2005

"0" Canada...

I feel kind of bad for Jason Bay. Has that ever happened before?


  1. Yeah a big O-fer. I'm sure its happened, but this one is pretty bad since he was representing his country. Some guy from "baseball canada" (or something) was just spouting out that the loonies would actually be competitive in the world cup, with bay, larry walker, rich harden, gagne (although he is hurt), jesse crain, morneau.

    Not of to a good start.

  2. I found several times on Baseball Almanac. Some notables:
    2003: Brett Boone (US Cellular Field)
    2001: Troy Glaus (Safeco)
    1997: Nomar Garciaparra (The Jake)
    1996: Gary Sheffield (The Vet)
    1994 & 1993: Mike Piazza (3 Rivers & Camden)
    Stick to fake drum playing and being incapable of throwing out runners, Mikey.

  3. This morning I was listening to some morning AM sports station on XM and they had Kevin Kennedy on - apparently he has written a new book. Kennedy, never one to shy away from being in the center of something or achieving greatness, made the comment "... when I taught Piazza how to catch.."

    Interesting comment. not that he taught him how to hit, which might be worth bragging about.