Saturday, July 09, 2005

Positives from today

Damon extended his hit streak to 24.

That's about it.


  1. Oh, and Clement is an All-Star. But it's not because The Gambler isn't going, it's because The Gunslinger Dentist broke his leg. Hard to cheer for something like that, since he was having such a terrific season. Good news for the Sox and Yankees and O's, I guess...

  2. Yeah hard to cheer about that. Not sure it is equally good news for Sox, NYY and O's. Tor was not realistically going to compete for the division or WC, but they could make it tough on their opponents. And the Sox have the luck to have just faced TOR (and lost to Doc last Sun) and we don't see them again until Sept. While NYY and Bal each face Tor twice in Aug - not sure when Halladay will be back.

    No real break for the Sox.

  3. Losing Halladay for a month probably means the Jays will be planning for next year. If he hadn't gone down, I could imagine the Jays trying to pick up some parts (Burnett? Dunn?) and aking a go of it. They're a deceptively good club, and next year I'm somewhat worried about them. But now, their season is likely as good as done.

  4. Yeah, I meant "good news" in that it's probably just a 3-team division now.

    In any case, a little more good news -- Schilling took just 7 pitches to get through the 9th today.

    Rodrigo Lopez tomorrow...

  5. I keep reading that Burnett may get dealt and even though he is a FA do you really think FLA will send him out?

    Most of where I have read that has been George King saying he is going to the MFY, but FLA is only 3 games (loss column) out of the Wild Card. And at the risk of sounding like an idiot, WASH can not keep running away with the division while being outscored.

    Why would FLA trade a front line starter if they still have a chance?

    When I read George King writing it, it is one thing, but Andrew, you seem to generally know better.