Saturday, November 12, 2005

My Dream

Of course we all love baseball. I have loved baseball for as long as I can remember. Yet last night something strange happened. I had a dream that Manny was traded to MN for Johan Santana. Obviously it will not happen for a number of reasons, first an foremost that Manny would have to approve going to MN and I see the likelihood of that happening being something about the same as, say W, admitting he made a mistake.

But if pure baseball were the issue here, it actually could be a trade that makes sense. Trade many and $30 MM to the Twins for Johan. The Twins need the bat and have tons of pitching – Radke is signed, they have Silva and Lohse (although I’m sure they’d like to get rid of him) and they have a couple of top, top prospects who project to front of the rotation starters. Both Manny and Johan have 3 years left on contracts. And if the Sox gave them the $30 MM, the teams would be paying the exact same amount of money.

I know, I know. Never happens. But still kind of funny that what I dreamed actually, in one not so crazy alternative universe, would actually make some sense.

1 comment:

  1. X - that was no dream you were having. I was your telepathic-fantasy league. I sent that request last night in my sleep. I can't believe you accepted the $30MM!!! Hah...

    Go back to sleep. It will all be ok in the morning.