Monday, November 28, 2005

B.J. Blows B.J.'s Wad; Blows Expectations.

The title pretty much says it all...

This is actually a pretty scary move. Toronto's pitching has improved over the last couple of years and this will give them another solid arm. Not to mention the fact that B.J. won't have to suffer through changing leagues or divisions so his impact will be immmediate.


  1. Earl's in the throes of job interviews, X is a new dad... so I guess that means Grieve and I are stuck holding down the fort. This is the best I could muster today. I wrote "muster" huh...

  2. If Halladay has a full year and Towers comes back strong the Jays could be pretty good.

    Even with Ryan, I don't know if they are contenders, yet.

    They finished 15 games back last year, and the Sox and Yankees only posted 95 wins...

    The Jays have (had?) all this extra money to spend and they spent a chunk of it on a closer. Interesting move.