Wednesday, November 02, 2005

It's Official - "Yankee RF Suspended for 'Roids"

Unfortunately, Gary Sheffied, its not.


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  2. So now we know we can't believe everything that we read. Who cares about Lawton? This is the player of significant impact where people would take notice?

    With all the buildup, I was ready to for another Pameiro...

  3. Yeah, I have to agree -- disappointing. "Big name" apparently means "two-time All-Star". Whoop-de-fuckin-doo.

    On the other hand, that means 3 out of 25 (12%) of the Yankees' roster are roiders. It'd be cool if it could get to 20%...

  4. Yeah apparently even before the name was leaked, Will Carroll back tracked a bit on it being a big name. I guess in the end, it is much better for baseball. could you imagine if it was WS MVP Dye and he had been allowed to play through the appeals process. Congress would be going crazy right now.

    for me the biggest problem I have is that the appeals process is now seeming to take a long time. When they first announced it (and when rincon got caught) I was under the impression punishment would be swift and immediate and in the case of Rincon, we were told there was no real appeal process - player started serving pretty much immediately.

    And with Bud promising a tougher policy by the WS and not delivering, I don't blame congress for getting involved.

  5. It's strange. Certain drugs are illegal. If you are caught doing them, you do time.

    I wonder what the penalty for possession and/or abuse of steroids is? You know, for an average person.

  6. Oh yeah...How about the fact that Lawton wasn't even on the postseason roster?