Tuesday, November 08, 2005

The real curse

Just this year alone:

The Sox would look like secretariat in the Belmont come September. Well, not exactly even though they did end up tied.

Then a piece about Boy Wonder. We know how that turned out.

And then this past Sunday, a predication, no wait, really a proclomation that the Pats would easily beat the Colts.

Like his fictitous curse or the SI jink. I give you, the Stain of the CHB.


  1. Going back a couple of points to Giambi's comback player award. 100% agree with Earl that Sox and Yanks dominate these things, but the more I think about this, why would baseball even have let the guy on the ballot. sure the stupid fans picked him, but sometimes rules can work so that people can be rescued from themselves. Like, lets say, there was a rule that the president has to be born in America......

  2. And then he has to go out and write this. Oh well, so much for that.