Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Piling on

Our favorite whipping boy had this quote today:

"The Mets and the Red Sox have not talked about Ramirez recently, most likely because the Red Sox don't have a general manager. The feeling here is Boston won't trade him, especially if he refuses to go to the Mets."

Yep, the Sox lack of a GM sure seems to be stopping them from getting things done. Not. They only just made what will be one of, if not the single, largest trades of the offseason. Good job Murray.


  1. A lot has been made about the lack of available free agents this year. and to a certain extent that is true - there are few top, top players. But there are a number of players that could be valuable - especially in the Sox pen. I am a bit frightened by Scott Eyre getting such big bucks from CHI (N), but some of the other names out there that could be interesting - Jason Christiansen, Bobby Howry, Todd Jones, Ricardo Rincon, Octavio Dotel, Jason Grimsly, Chris Hammond and others. sure none of these guys are guaranteed, but you can never have enough arms and if you can get a couple of these guys on the cheap (easier said than done this year).

    Another name that interests me - Erubiel Durazo is a free agent. He was hurt last year, but he could be a decent platoon player with Youk and also provide insurance if Youk needs to play more 3B than expected.

  2. I was thinking about Durazo as well. I, of course, only really get to see him when he plays the Sox, and he seems to kill them...But isn't he really just DH material?

    I'd like to see the Sox give Olerud a one-year deal if he'd take it to platoon with Youk.

    Howry and Jones? Didn't we have them already? I like Dotel...

    I agree, too, about the free agents. Not huge names but lots of second tier guys that could be productive like, say, for instance, Graffanino or Bill Mueller...You know, just saying...