Monday, November 21, 2005


I just hear on XM that this deal is now confirmed.

I really, really like this one. Beckett can be a stud - great stuff. Stays healthy. Not intimidated by the MFY.

Lowell is a gamble, but hey for two years why not.

Hanley Ramirez, in my opinion, would probably never live up to the hype. And is blocked for 3 more years by Edgar. And Sanchez was probably our 4th best prospect, which means he probably is never going to be a star. Plus now we maybe could deal Arroyo to fill out some other spots on the roster.


  1. Holy crap that is awesome. Somehow I imagined Delgado would be involved in a Marlins-megatrade (Sox sure could use a bashing 1st baseman), but no complaints here.

  2. Wow, take a look at Lowell's career tragectory. 2005 was quite a precipitous dropoff. You don't suppose...

  3. ("Tragectory" of course is not a typo but rather shorthand for "tragic trajectory". Yeah, that's the ticket.)

  4. Yeah even if he comes half way back to his pre 2005 performance. He is only 30 or 31.

    There has to be some chance that Lowell recovers a bit. The dropoff was HUGE from 2004, but he was not striking out that much. and he still had more extra base hits that Kevin Millar and only two shy of Meuller. I think there is some hope that he can bounce back to something like .260/.330/.440 - not great for $9MM per year. But if you figure Beckett will make only $4.5 in arbitration next year (I don’t think he is signed) for next year, but you would expect him to deliver $10 MM worth of performance.

  5. This is a great trade...Lowell, while sucking at the plate, had a great fielding year. He could be considered our new Mark Bellhorn, but better. He doesn't strike out as much, and is a better fielder.

    Beckett is awesome...Yes, he ends up on the DL quite a bit, but that is from blister problems (like Lowe always had). He is a top of the rotation starter which takes some pressure back off of Schilling to be the savior here.

    So, what does this all mean in terms of other moves?

    Looks like Youk is now the starting first baseman. I would have liked a little more pop from that position, but what can you do? Or...Youk is now on the block...

    They definitely need to round out the pen, now...But maybe Wells decides he wants to hang around with the new rotation instead of heading back to SD to not win...That means Arroyo to the pen.



    Current Pen
    Myers??? (I know they made him an offer)...

    I'd like to upgrade please...

  6. Yes, we hope that Mr. Beckett, who is or will be a Red Sox ( how awesome is that?!!) suffers from DLBS. That would be Derrick Lowe Blister Syndrome. Entirely curable. I borrowed that from me on my new blog, infant though it is. Happy holiday all!