Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Okay, we all know who the eventually leader will be, but what MLB player to date (not including future payments owed) has made the most in salary.

Edit: Career cumulative earnings.


  1. Overall career or single season? Either way, I can't stand the player.

  2. Hm...give me a moment. I did, however, find this awesome article from way back. Check out the photo!

  3. So presumably it's not A-Rod. And he's already made $100M from his Rangers/Yankees contract alone ($10M signing bonus, $109M is salary, minus $19M deferred salary). So someone's made more than $100M?

    In Boston, Manny's "only" made $84M.

    How about Kevin Brown? Just finished up his $105M contract, plus whatever he was getting from the Padres before that.

  4. Well, A-Rod will be the eventual leader, but right now he is about third (either tied or maybe 4th at worst).

    Manny is on the exclusive $100MM plus list, but nearer the bottom. Brown is second.

    An interesting note - if you throw in Jeter who is at $97MM, there are 18 players at that number or above. Seven of them played for the 2005 Yankees.

  5. Wow. I was sure it was Brown.

    Seven on the 2005 Yankees? Damn. Jeter, ARod, Mussina, Brown, Giambi, Sheffield...Unit?

    Others in the 18: Manny, Pedro, Bonds, Griffey, Green, Mo Vaughn...Delgado? Schilling?

    I gotta get back to work. Is there a list somewhere or did you compile it yourself?

  6. I could not find a list - I compiled from bbreference, so I may have missed a player or two, but I don't think so.

    Number one (for now, by far)

    Bonds - 153 (he has made 8 million or more in the last 11 years and $70 MM in just the last 4)

    Brown is second at 131, followed by the unit and a-rod, both right around 127 (not sure if the number includes his $1MM bonus for MVP).

    You were correct on the 7 Yankees, excpet substitute Bernie for Giambi - Giambi is only at $58MM for now.

    The $100 MM players I have are(actually $97):

    Bonds - 153
    Brown - 131
    Unit - 127
    Arod - 126
    Maddux - 125
    Sosa - 123
    Clemens - 121
    Griffey - 120
    Sheff - 119
    Piazza - 110
    Bagwell - 108
    Manny - 108
    Pedro - 105
    Moose - 103
    Glavine - 103
    Bernie - 101
    Mo Vaughn - 100
    Jeter - 97

    Like I said, I may have missed a player or two, but many many of the names I checked and thought of weren't even close - guus like Belle, Thomas, McGwire, Raffy (close at about 90, I think).

  7. On note - if the cutoff is $97 I should have included Smoltz.

  8. Ugh, I can't believe I missed some of those. Bernie, Clemens, Piazza, Maddux, and Glavine were easy. I thought about both Bags and Sosa and decided there was no way. Wow.

    I'm also amazed Shawn green is at $80M. Turns out his 1st 5 years in the bigs earned him "only" $1M.

    Albert Belle is at $97M.

  9. And lo and behold, I did forget Larry Walker at 110MM. And another at the 97MM level is the aforementioned Albert Belle.

    But now I stand by my list as 100% complete and accurate.

  10. And its amazing that some of the players that you think about as big $$$, are nowhere close - like McGwire, Nomar, Frank Thomas, even Giambi (although he will get his).

    Not that there is much a guy has to worry about when he makes "only" 60 million in his career versus $100 million plus. Well, unless your name is Cecil Fielder ($46 Million and broke).

  11. There actually is a list compiled at bbreference. would have made it so much easier.


  12. I love how in single season slaries ARod has five of the top six (Manny in 04 is at #2). Sickening, isn't it?

  13. Smoltz - see comment at 3:23