Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Who knew?

Section titles in the free-agent binder Scott Boras has been giving all teams potentially interested in Johnny Damon:
  • "Most Durable Active Player in the Major Leagues"
  • "Better Than Future Hall of Famer Rickey Henderson"
You can't make this stuff up.


  1. Yeah, but check this out from the same article: "The not-so-subtle request for at least a seven-year deal and the not-so-subtle backhanding of Henderson is intriguing enough, but the information in the binder also projects that Damon will record his 3,000th hit by 2012; play more games in center field than anyone in baseball history by 2015; and have the second-highest fielding percentage ever by a center fielder a decade from now, too."

    Let's see...In a decade he'll be 42. He already can't throw, and by then he'll be slower, too. Nice combo for a CF...

    2012 is 7 seasons from now...1211 hits to go...That's 173 hits a year...it might take a bit longer than that...

    I wouldn't think that the most games in CF would be all that much. It is the speed position in the outfield and most guys transition to RF or LF or DH when they tail off. Thinking that he needs to play another 10 years at say 145 games/year (1450 games overall), that's a whole lot of baseball games to go...Who holds the current record?

  2. Neither bbreference or bbalamanc list games by position. If I had to guess I would say Willie Mays, but who knows cause even he moved around at the end.