Friday, November 04, 2005

Giambi- Comeback Player of the Year

As if baseball isn't deemed stupid enough it goes and gives the award for CPOTY to Giambi.

Granted, he came back and had an excellent offensive season. But it was nothing but his own stupidity AND CHEATING that made him suck in the first place.

I don't know who deserved this award, but it is an embarrassment to everyone involved to give it to this guy.


  1. Yeah, I agree. The problem is on-line voting. Yanks and Red Sox tend to walk away with all the hardware handed out by fans.

    But I do like that it's the "Viagara Comeback Player of the Year". That in itself is pretty awesome, but it's even better that their previous spokesman is also a 'roider.

    So who should've gotten it? I vote for Kevin Millar -- for coming back to his normal level of suckitude.

  2. Actually, Giambi alao won the Players' Choice Award for CPOTY. The fans aren't the only stupid people, apparently.

  3. oops. whole link didn't post. here's the rest of it.


  4. Oh man, that's bad. Well, there's probably some CYA involved -- the players protecting their own, saying "this steroids thing is no big deal".

  5. Seems more like an ultimatum from the CIA, who prides itself on unbalanced thinking.