Thursday, June 07, 2007

Notes from Around the Blogsphere

Slow news day? More like I am trying not to get too focused on the little skid we're on. Unfortunately, I can't say the same for our fellow bloggers. Here is a quick look around the blogsphere:

Fire Brand leads with "Don't get swept" - Crap that doesn't help me
Peter a.k.a Darkman's Big Papi leads with "Four straight losses and six for seven" - Gulp!
Mnookin has no new posts but has all the links to Stray-Rods tryst - ah... that's better
Joy of sox leads with Super Manny - it is a funny picture of Manny sliding into second. There second post is titled, "What me worry? (No, but it's time to bat Lugo #8)... What so he can hit into even more double plays?
Surviving Grady Leads with... well I just really don't know what...

Anyway... that was fun! Congrats to Grieve. I believe he done graduated and stuff today! Now he's all edujmacated.


  1. So FUCKIN' close... argh

    Still... that was sweet...

  2. Wow. That was close. And I was there. It was a day of near misses. We got a late start to the game and as we moved to our seats, there was quite a stir going on and when we sat down we learned Chavez had just fouled a ball that bounced right off my seat. Chavez was still at bat, that is how close. And then Curt makes it that close.

    A week ago there might have been a lot of bellyaching. But with the rough week the Sox just had, I'll take the win. Actually, knowing the nation, I'm sure there will still be a lot of bitching.

  3. I love manny slides. at least when he doesn't get hurt.

  4. X, no bitchn' and moaning here. We needed the win bigtime, and Curt came through. My voice is better this morning, too! A jump-start to the club for the last three games of the Western swing? Oh yes....oh yes!!!!

  5. And I loved every nervous minute of it!