Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Moving on...

I just wanted to post something so I don't have to reread the same NY series post. That left a bitter taste in my mouth, but I remind myself to check the current standings. Ah, safe for now with our 12.5 lead. Not to mention, the fact that the Devil Rays and Yankees are still tied!!!

There is no doubt in my mind that the Yankees will improve, but like the Red Sox I'd like to focus on what is ahead of us. Last night's game was a tough loss. However, I have to give our boys credit. They scored on the best pitcher in the league and they played through the end of the game, tying things in the ninth. Chavez has sucked all year and Synder got unlucky or threw a crappy pitch. Still after an exhausting series in Boston and an exhausting flight to Oakland, to be able to tie it in the ninth and force extra-innings is a good sign that our boys are playing their hearts out.

Again, it was dissapointing (especially for X who was there), but I am staying positive. Especially, when the Yankees still can't get a starter at the bottom of their rotation to pitch past the 3rd inning.

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  1. It's funny how the Yankees aren't in second place, but we focus so much on them.

    Of course, they are probably the only real threat...Toronto without a closer isn't one, really.

    Anyway, the Sox have lost 4 of 5. This is their first big test. Of course, if they had won last night it would have meant the Yankees series meant nothing in terms of the standings.

    And I agree with Dino...The Yankees rotation is a shambles. Mussina? He's pitching like a #4. Wang is great one start, terrible the next. Pettitte? How bad is his back? Any updates? Then the rest...

    Clemens has scar tissue causing him pain (it isn't fatigue)...by the way, scar tissue in your groin??? Anyway, this probably means this will nag at him throughout the season (also convenient for him to make his debut against the NL Pirates).

    The Yankees won't catch the Sox if they don't solidify their rotation.

    Pettitte (hurt?)
    Wang (best guy they have)
    Mussina (way too inconsistent)
    ?????? at #5

    That's not going to cut it.