Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Take Some Responsibility

Now edgar Renteria is chirping about how much he loves to play against Boston to"prover everyone wrong."

Interesting since he admitted after he was dealt that he was never comfortable in Boston. So why say crap like "Its good to show everyone they were wrong." the fact that you are doing well now just shows that people (like Tony LaRussa) were right - some people just can't handle Boston. He was quoted in the Globe on December 12, 2005 that he was not comfortable the whole year in Boston.

He did not perform when in Boston. And people booed. No one was wrong. Take some responsibility for your own suckiness Edgar!!

This one is interesting - "There are guys who have a lot of bad years there, and they don't say anything," he said. "If they like you, they like you. If they don't, they don't." Who is he referring to? Nixon? That's the only one I can think of. A lot of bad years in Boston - hell we run people out of town after one bad year. Maybe even a bad six month.

Try not making 30 freaking errors and then blaming it on the IF at Fenway. It did not seem to cause a problem for Gonzalez the next year. And nice to piss all over the organization that paid you top freakin dollar. Maybe you should be embarrassed for having sucked so bad. As much as he is a horses ass, at least Schilling admits when he sucks and didn't earn his paycheck. Plus he is a personal jinx machine - last out in the WS, Sox streak of one consecutive WS is broken when he gets to Boston, ATL steak of 14 consecutive post seasons breaks when he gets there.

Its all your fault Edgar.
This now concludes my own Grieve-like rant.

In other news Schill to the DL. Who gets his spot? Hansack? Lester?


  1. Whatever with stupid people like Renteria...He's gone. He wasn't good in Boston. Does that mean he's not a good player? No...he just didn't play well here.

    As for Schill...I say keep him on the DL until after the All-Star break. The Sox have the arms, and even if they lose every game before then they will still be in first place. If he is "tired" let him get as much rest as he can...

    By the way...nice "me" type rant.

  2. Yikes. Yanks swept by Colorado. I thought it was bad when the Sox only scored 7 runs in losing 3 of 4 in Oakland, but at least Oak is a severe pitchers park and thier team has the best ERA in the AL.

    But the Yanks only score 5 runs in 3 games in Denver? Even with the humidor, Corrs is still a sever hitters park (factor of 107 this year). In fact, in the same number of games (35), there have been 384 runs scored in Rockies games at home and 267 in games played on the road.

    And the Yanks will now feel the pressure of having to win all three in SF

  3. Crazy fact from the NYT:

    "The Rockies now have more victories against the American League East than the Yankees do, with nine."

  4. How much of this should be credit to the Rockies for playing their asses off right now? They are 8-2 in their last 10 and 13-5 in June!

    Not to say that I don't love the fact that the Yankees got swept.

    PS - Earl welcome back. Where did you go?

  5. Thank God he was only here for one bad year! Maybe Lugo can be his back up?

    BRING BACK NOMAR so he can get his WS ring by playing and not being the trade bait that won a WS. It was still a good move on RS Brass' part in JUly of 2004!