Saturday, June 16, 2007

Pedroia/Drew vs. Giants (Game 1)

Daisy and I went to the game last night. The standing ovation for Dave Roberts was pretty sweet, as was the first AB for Bonds (the entire drama played out well, especially with a long strike). Unfortunately, we were a tad late so we watched Bonds on a tv inside the park. The boo birds were out in force as were the asterisk signs and t-shirts. We were impressed by the noticable presence of Giants fans.

The crowd at times was irritable (e.g. few cheers at the beginning and it sounded like they booed Drew - maybe this was a boo that he was leading off - but I doubt it). Pedroia's two-run homer was a huge help, as was Taverez's solid outing. He tipped his cap as he left the field after the 7th to a standing ovation.

As everyone saw Dustin and J.D. basically won the game for us (the rest of the team batted 1 for 24 with 2 RBI). Ortiz's ejection was ridiculous especially considering Durham's bitch-fest at the top of the next inning where his bat and helmet bounced off the plate.

During the third inning, a peanut vendor displayed some impressive arm-slinging. He started at the bottom of our section and threw bags of peanuts 20-25 rows deep on a dime. He then proceeded to climb on the backs of chairs and arm rests to make his way to the top of the section. On the way, he jawed with a couple meatheads (although who the biggest meathead was remains unclear), even roaring and yelling, "I am tough guy" at the top of his lungs.

Later in the game, Daisy spotted a duo wearing Baseball Jerseys numbers 1 and 2. Number 1 was "who" and 2 was "what". We thought it was pretty classic. Before we could ask them where they got them, they had dissappeared.

Notes: Zito's change up is pretty sick. Wily looked absolutely silly out there. Manny's hustle play to first was shocking. The woman's camera in front of us (15x) was crazy. The rendition of "God Bless America" even got Daisy to hum a bar (no it didn't, but it was pretty impressive).

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