Saturday, June 02, 2007

Here we go again

As we have talked about before, this is one of those situations - Sox lose a tough one to open the series and now it is gut check time. A win today avoids the sweep and guarantees that NY leaves town at least 12.5 games back. And Beckett goes tomorrow. Actually this is just like a week ago when all the Sox really needed was to avoid the sweep. I actually fee l pretty good about today - Mussina is notoriously soft. And Schilling will bask in the spotlight.

Here is a thought - with Giambi hurt and out for a while now, it would seem the perfect time for him to get "suspended" for his comments, steroid, etc. Of course he is already on the DL, so that probably won't work in terms of masking it (think Jordan's one year suspension/retirement from basketball for gambling). For real suspensions (over fights), the player has to be activated from the DL and the team loses its roster spot (i.e., plays with 24). But with steroids, the team can replace the player - doesn't seem fair, but that is the rule. So a hurt Giambi could be "suspended." But everyone would see through the shame. Then again Selig likes to make statements.

A nice 17-1 win today would be great.


  1. How about a completely bizarre 11-6 win featuring some of the worst bullpen management of Joe Torre's career?

  2. That's a really cool trick Andrew! How did you get today's post to show yesterday's date (before the game)? Oh wait... HOLY CRAP nice call!!!

    Actually, my guess is that Torre could have done worse, but not much. It's not like he brought out Rivera in the 8th. He did use Myers for 4 pitches.

    Anyway, more posts to read but seriously nice call on the prediction.