Thursday, June 14, 2007

Okay, so...

Obviously 8.5 GB is still an awful lot. But since May 29 (just over two weeks ago), the Sox have gone 5-8, and the Yanks have gained a whopping 6 games in the standings. Two more weeks like this and the AL East is competitive again. At what point do we start getting worried?


  1. Let's not forget that the Yankees will not win every game. The Sox also just had a tough road trip including playing Arizona in an NL park eliminating Ortiz, Youk, and Lowell at points. They still took two of three there. If they win tonight, they take 2 of 3 from Colorado. I am fine with them just winning series.

    Hell, if the Yankees lose tonight, and the Sox win it is back to 9.5 games. That is a big lead.

    Seriously, though...if the Sox play .600 ball the rest of the way, they will win the division. The Yankees would have to play close to, if not over .700 to catch them.

  2. I totally agree. And I imagine the sports radio callers are going batshit crazy right now. The Yanks had a lot of really bad breaks the first 2 months of the season; now they're getting a bunch of good ones; nothing to actually panic aboot.

    I'd be thrilled with a .600 record the rest of the way. And yeah, a win tonight would be fantastic.

  3. When did Earl become Canadian? ("Aboot"?)

    Not only have the Shitheads on the radio gone batshit but the Yankee fans are getting a little swagger in their step. Annoying!

    It's a long season and I am confident that we're built to last.

  4. I'm looking forward to the Mets putting the Yanks back in the their place this weekend. The Mets have a huge chance to show everyone they are the kings of NY in 2007. Go into the Stadium. Pound Roger. Win 2 of 3. Of course the Mets are playing like crap as well. And it doesn't get any easier after this weekend - 9 game road trip against teams that are collectively 22 games over .500, while the Yanks play 9 games against teams that are 13 games under .500. I would be EXTREMELY happy if the Sox are still 7.5 games up come the end of June.

  5. JD Drew, leadoff? On the plus side he can't hit into a DP and kill a rally.....

  6. This game sucks so far.

  7. Alright. For the first time in nearly two weeks, the Sox actually picked up a game on the Yanks. And if you exclude the head to head win two saturdays ago, it was more than two weeks.

    But like GR noted, the Yanks are not going to go undefeated the rest of the year. And as I noted, the schedule does favor the MFY over the next two weeks. So, tonight was good. Tavarez is holding his own. In the last month, the Sox are 5-1 in his starts (he is 3-0), he has averaged, he has averaged a respectable 6+ IP per game, and an ERA of about 3.60. And don't forget that some of his early season shakiness may have been the result of not getting steady work (due to offdays, rainouts, etc).

    So what is the move. Keep him. trade him and bring up Lester. Change the role for Lester (trade), Snyder or Tavarez to bullpen? Part of me says, they have already optioned lester to the Minors, so lets keep Tavarez in the rotation. But I do worry about Timlin. I think he may be done. As in Embree 2005 done. I would hate for that to be true. And there is not much chance he would actually come back the way Embree has. But I wonder how long they will stick with him?

  8. Tavie goes nowhere, but I'm saying that after watching his Friday night gem....not fair, I know. Today, I'm rooting for Glavine to continue the Yankee scoreless drought while Daisuke takes care of business. And yes, I've been worried since the Yankees' pitching and hitting resurfaced. Faith.