Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Wake up!

Where is everyone?

Has anyone seen the Sox April schedule? Pretty brutal. We've all heard the Yankee whining about the Japan trip in 2004. So, I won't add to that. Thankfully they are playing a AAA team. So that trip and the ensuing two game set in Oakland should yield 3 wins.

But then, it is on to Toronto. Followed by 10 games (no off days) vs DET, NY and CLE. Yikes.

And then a four game set vs. TEX is followed by 3 against LAA.

Oh, and I have a new player to cheer for. Patrick Currin. On Thursday, his fiancee delivered our second baby. Pretty cool.

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  1. Congrats X! Very cool. Boy or girl? Name?

    Sorry, it's been absolutely brutal few weeks at work. Should clear up in a couple weeks, the second half of spring training...