Saturday, April 01, 2006

Journalism 101

So is it pretty much a given that CHB writes an article tomorrow giving his "prediction" for the upcoming baseball season. And since it is 20 years after 1986, his logical result will be the Mets defeating the Red Sox in the WS. Or will it be that the Sox will atone for '86 by beating the Mets and further reversing the memory of the Curse (furthering his own legend.)


  1. Speaking of predictions, we really need to do NL, playoffs, and awards...

  2. he hasn't written an article on it yet, but Shaugnessy has in fact picked the Mets over the Sox in the series. If you go to the Sox Globe pge and click on the 'Globe Staff Predictions' link, his predictions are at the top. There's no web address for the page, so I can't link it.

  3. That guy is so predictable. I'm sure the article will come tomorrow or Monday.