Thursday, March 30, 2006

Commssioner's office shenanigans

Today the big news is the witch hunt, err "investigation." But I also find the Tavarez suspension a bit curious. Its touched on a bit in the story, that Julian gets 10 days, but with the off days it is just 8 games. And of course if he appeals, they will likely reduce the suspension to 8 games, which is essentially the same (except of course the extra toll on the bullpen with a lack of off days).

So the shenanigans are, why 10 days? With the exception of the steroid suspensions, since when did the commish hand out suspension in terms of days. last year Wells got six games for yelling at the ump. Nixon I think 5 games for his roll in the fight. A-Rod and Tek were suspended 4 games for the famous fight. so why now?


  1. "It was quite a homecoming for Arroyo. Traded to the Reds on March 20, Arroyo stifled the Red Sox over seven innings, allowing just three hits while striking out nine."

    talk radio will have fun with this one.

    Of course when Arroyo is 4-7 with 5.13 ERA at the break, all we will be hearing about is how many times Pena has K'd.

  2. I agree. I think that some of the thought was that it is spring training and a few days before the season starts, so those days count. But I am not sure that's the case.

    I haven't read anything on this, but do the days start at the beginning of the season? Does Crawford get suspended for jumping on his back?

    Also, Gaithwright (looking at the pictures)looks like he straightens out Tavarez's leg. I know Tavarez has a temper, but a guy slides in to home (with whom he has no history) and he just punches him in the face? Doesn't make sense...Must have reacted to something...

  3. It starts Monday, and I hope he does not appeal. It's rare for the club to get 2 days off in a week. So a 10 day suspension equals 8 games. What hurts is he cannot be replaced on the roster, so we go with 24. If he is a team player, he will not appeal. I will not put anything past this idiot, though.

  4. That is what they get for signing a really ugly player. The Red Sox should sign good looking all-American Types. Tavarez looks like he lost a fight with a nail gun.

  5. Tavarez will produce for this team. He's not a closer, so not too big a deal...I could see someone DL'ing it now (like Seanez or Riske) for another one to two inning arm coming up from Pawtucket.

    But, being that it is so early in the season, we'll probably ride with 24 and be fine.

  6. Anonymous - you mean guys like Jeff Kent?

  7. It's too bad the Sox have decided not to go with hunky hotties like Rod Beck anymore. Ah, the old days.