Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Goodbye, Old Friend

No, not Kirby Puckett (although he'll be missed)...No, John Flaherty retired today. I guess he won't be catching Tim Wakefield anymore (maybe that is what did him in)...

I am not sure what the plan is, but with Tek in the WBC, it doesn't bode too well for the pitching staff...

Will Tek return early?


  1. Maybe they could trade with SD to get Mirabelli back. Since they have Piazza now, they may not want to pay a couple million to a backup. and it would probably not take a whole lot.

    Maybe we could send them T-Graf. right now their second base options are Bobby Hill and Mark K-Horn. Although they do have a glut of (weak) IFers.

    Of course I also see it as highly likely that the Sox release T-Graf before opening day and save almost $1.5 million - unless they can work out a deal with the Mets.

  2. Well right now the Sox have Josh Bard and Ken Huckaby...

    I doubt that Mirabelli is coming back. Piazza is weak and I can't see the Padres giving up Dougie all that easy...

  3. Yeah, I don't really see it as a reality - more like a bit of wishful thinking. Kind of like when people thought the Sox may actually trade Manny for Tejada.

    But the T-Graf business is for real. While its not my money so I don't really care, I really wonder how the Sox will justify keeping him for $2.0 MM, especially when you have a way out.

  4. It must have been in an email - I just went down the road to the local bar to catch the 8th and 9th after VEN came back a bit. But then DR crushed them - very nice bomb and I mean bomb, by Papi. It was one of those pattened massive swings and then he just took a few steps toward first, slowly watching. A beautiful thing.

    And some great shots of the players reacting and tons of fans dancing in the aisles (and a few on top of the dugout) waiving the flag. And while I'm sure there will be some crazed kids in AZ tonight doing the same thing, something tells me that those reactions will be a little less heart felt and a little more contrived (perhaps in an effort to get on TV).

    Lastly, interesting to note that both teams used their starting lineups for the full nine innings with the exception of subbing in Belliard in the 9th for Soraino when the game was already decided. Funny how Buck Martinez was quoted earlier this winter that players just aren't ready to play nine innings this early in the year. Thank god our roster has incredible depth (especially the pitching) and hopefully that will be enough to overcome our leader.

  5. Maybe they want to see that Loretta holds up after missing a bunch of time last year. Not a bad guy to have on the bench to spell either Loretta or Alexander...but then I guess you have Cora and Machado (having a very good spring by the way)...

    But do you want Huckaby or Bard as your backup? Yikes...

  6. Yikes is right on those guys.

    And T-Graf is a nice backup/fillin player (hell that is all he has ever really been) - I posted the other day on this as well, but just like you said, they have other guys to fill that roll.

    A couple of odd moves this winter - including Shoppach in the Crisp deal after dealing Doug - I guess Bard can fill in. And trading Renteria after Hanley.

    Oh well. and on the topic of the WBC, I think it was you GR that said even now you could go out an play 9 innings.

  7. Well, Buck Martinez is staying true to his word -- the 1-4 hitters (Jeter, Damon, Griffey, and A-Rod) are all done for the day, after 3AB each.

  8. Amazing - and the score is still only 2-0. And the MEX players are all still in the game.

    But Buck probably has a point. I mean Papi did look a little tired when he hit his second HR in the 9th.

    Oh and one other note - the DR team (including Tejada who was succssful) bunted for base hits at least twice - with Miguel Cabrera playing third for the first time in over a year.

    And speaking of the Marlins, they scored 22 runs today.

  9. DR looks strong. That line up is KILLER. Any early reports on how Johan pitched? From the box score it looks like he gave up 2 early runs but that's it.