Thursday, March 23, 2006

Wily Mo, and Mo than that

Not sure if anyone saw Mr. Pena's home run last night. One handed and a blast to boot. Then he absolutely hit a laser for his single. He also made a leaping catch against the wall on a Giambi drive...I know this guy will K a bunch, but he looks ready to go in Boston, so far.

Nice to see that Tanyon Sturtze knows what spring training is all about. A terrible Sox pitcher (Riske), in a tied game in the 7th, hits the leadoff batter (Jeter) with a slider. A few pitches later gives up a bomb. Sturtze for some reason retaliates by drilling Lowell with the first pitch. Honestly, Sturtze is a dope...

Speaking of Riske...another bomb given up last night. I think that makes 9 in just over 9 innings of work. My prediction? He "develops" elbow problems, or a sore back, or a tight shoulder and has to DL it for a while. This guy cannot go with the big league club. He has issues.

Adam Stern hit his second homer of the spring (a shortened spring because of the WBC)...3 for 5 for the night. I hope he sticks with the team. Plus, he's a legit steal guy, too, for late in the game. Oh yeah, he proved that last night, too, with a stolen base.

Papelbon had a pretty good outing. I'd like to see this kid get a shot in the rotation, and I am sure he'll get there by the end of the season (because of a trade of someone or an injury). In the meantime, the bullpen greatly benefits from his move out there.

Mike Lowell's bat seems to be coming around. After starting the spring with a huge slump, he's stringing some good at-bats together and collecting some hits. The power is not there, but at least he's getting on...

The Yankees have 22 home runs and 17 steals in spring training. That frightens me a bit...but I guess everyone knew their offense would be huge. Who knew about the steals, though?


  1. After seeing him play a year here in Dayton, get ready for a cooler summer in Beantown. The wind from his missed swings should drop the temperature a few degrees on home game days.

  2. My feeling on Stern is that he should get as many ABs as possible, which means Pawtucket. I am fine with that. I'd like to see him develop in the minors to be an option later in the season or next year.

  3. The cringe factor when Big Riske come in is already too much. As long as JP is now in the 'pen, there IS no cringe factor when he trots in in the 7th or 8th. Phew. And Seanez? No trust....yet. The younguns' are SUCH good insurance if the accuired for cash relievers bust. Thats one biggie we have over the New York club.

  4. Well, Sturtze is certainly a jerk, but he's had problems this spring - that's his 3 hit batsman in 5 appearances. I'm happy to write his plunk of Lowell off as an "Sturtze can't find the strikezone" rather than "Sturtze is as ass".

  5. He pitched pretty well the rest of the inning...

    It was a fastball, and it was the first pitch. Too many coincidences for me...

  6. Who knows. All I'm saying is I'd rather the problem is that their bullpen is in disarray. Farns to Rivera; with Myers facing lefties. Who else? Maybe the old Mendoza will return? I can't imagine Villone will be any good. If Sturtze sucks, they're in some trouble I think.

  7. You are right...their bullpen sucks. I'd also like to add that I think Mussina gets lit up more oft than not this year and that Wright has been a total disaster.

    Chacon will be effective, but not lights out like last year.

    They have pitching woes. A lot of them.

    It is funny...with all the crap in the papers this winter about the disarray of the Sox, I feel that they have put together a team with incredible depth and have kept some standouts (Ramirez, Ortiz, Varitek). They've upgraded their middle-infield defensively, and added Crisp. They have depth in starting pitching, and a fairly good pen with Papelbon, Timlin, and Tavarez. Hansen has been great in Spring Training...and we have minor league arms ready to go.

    I am excited...Let's get to April!