Saturday, March 18, 2006


Gary Sheffield is upset about his contract again.

"I always have to play with my back against the wall."


  1. (I just spent way too long on an unsuccessful search for a photo of him watching Ortiz's Game 4 home run.)

  2. Sheff is clueless. He is a distraction, yet wants to be treated like a leader. He's never been a leader.

    On the Sox front, the papers tomorrow will be all a doo-doo over Wells calling Tito an "idiot." This one is shocking - terry never throws anyone under the bus.

  3. We all know his middle name.....Wah wah wah wah wahwah. And it fits like a glove. Unfortunately, he can hit. and hit. And fortunately, he is part of a weak defensive outfield trio.

  4. And the Hartford Courant was the first paper to have the Wells' quotes early sat. AM. I had it up at my place way early, and it is getting tough to try and rationalize that Boomer might have been taken out of context. Because he wasn't. Go UCONN today, but they sure know how to make a game too close. What do I know, I'm just a guy from Connecticut ready for b'ball today. And isn't the timimg right for Bronson to be starting today? I hope he can avoid that crooked number kind of start.