Sunday, March 12, 2006

Future book review for X

Via yanksfansoxfan, today Murray Chass has a small item on Atlanta GM John Schuerholz's new book, Built to Win. In it, Schuerholz blasts Moneyball, saying "it is a bogus concept because I know you can't make baseball judgments entirely on statistical analysis to build a team." Which of course is ridiculous because no one has ever claimed teams should be built based upon statistical analysis only. I have to say, Schuerholz, whom I've always been impressed by, just went down a couple notches in my mind. Anyway, I have two questions:
  1. Are there any critics of Moneyball out there who have actually, you know, read the book?
  2. How the hell did his publisher allow the book to be called "Built to Win"? Isn't that just setting it up for all sorts of jokes? Like: Built to Win (in the regular season). Or Built to Win (the NL East).


  1. Funny that you should post that as a future book review. I had noted that one along with Game of Shadows, as one to put the list. But the real reason is why it is very funny. I have an EXTREMELY relevant book review to put up (hopefully tonight).

    Meanwhile, in progress, I will be really interested to get Earl's take on the USA game - I wonder if the crowd will start cheering for JPY - Kind of like the Russians cheering for Rocky over Drago. The US team looks fairly pedestrian. Nice to see the Yanks with a pair of GIDPs.

    I may end up divorced. My wife sai "I thought baseball didn't start until April."

  2. Holy crap - two great plays by JPY. 3B with a nice play on a grounder and then the SS with an amazing over the shoulder catch. I know, I'm pulling a modern day Scully by not getting these guys names right....