Saturday, March 18, 2006

Today's George King article

He's back. And he's not as negative about the WBC as I had expected. Maybe even he had to admit it's been pretty damn good. But the best part of the article is at the end, where he quotes Joe Torre discussing Team USA's early exit:
"It's no-win situation. You are supposed to [win] and if you don't you are a failure."
Weird - I'm sure I've heard Torre say that exact same thing before. But...doesn't he usually wait until October?


  1. Its funny though, he calls Jeter, A-Rod, Damon and Bernie the Fab Four. Meanwhile he did not want the Yanks to sign Damon and has rallied against Bernie the last few years. And the “Fab” part sure did not come from their performances. But Fab four it is.

    Back to the similarities – an overmatched rookie CF makes a mistake that may or may not have cost his team an elimination game. One major difference – Torre did not have a lot of choice in starting Crosby last year.

    The part I think is amusing is that they are very happy to be getting them back “early.” Four days. Not sure how much difference that will make.

    Meanwhile back in our own camp – I’m very surprised to see Francona sticking to his guns on the Wells matter. I thought for sure you would be correct in that he would back off the comments.

  2. I assumed "Fab" stood for "fabricated".

  3. Ugh -- bad GIDP by Ortiz.

    But Colon gets out of the next half inning in 3 pitches, despite giving up a hit. I don't think I've seen that before.

  4. This is interesting. Do you think he loses his military exemption now?

  5. And the injury to Ayala is a downer to the WBC as well.

    I'm a bit surprised KOR doesn't have to forfeit their games. Ben Johnson had to give back his medal.

  6. Yeah, but Ben Johnson got a medal for an individual sport.

    Ayala seems to have had a freak injury. He walked one guy and then hurt himself.

  7. I see that point, but the point I would counter with is the NCAA strips schools of their final four or national champions and a return of the money and no use of the appearance in promotional (fundraising/recruiting) material, when they are found to have used ineligible players.

    It is a bit apples and oranges, but the NCAA rules prevent paying players, which has no immediate impact on the performance, yet the drug issue allegedly has an immediate impact on the outcome of the games.

  8. Yet I also realize the forfeiting of games and awards would get mighty ticky. For instance last year, would you have had the O's forfeit the games against the Sox right before the all star break (I think he had one game with 6 or 7 rbi another with a late tie breaking HR when Raffy was on fire and then give the Sox the division. And how would you handle games when Raffy went 0-5 but the O's still won?