Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Team Canadia

Team USA is currently losing to Canadia, 0-7, after 4 innings. Pitcher Adam Loewen (lifetime ERA in the majors: 81.00) looked pretty damn good, going 3 2/3 scoreless in 61 pitches. Dontrelle Willis, not so much: 5 ER in 2 2/3 innings (65 pitches). It's certainly far from over, but wow. Normally I'd be thrilled by this (all those Yankess on Team USA), but Sunday night I have tickets to the semifinal between the Pool A and Pool B winners. I was expecting USA-Japan. Just might be Canadia-Korea. Awesome.

Also, Marlins beat the Red Sox 12-1.

Update: Adam Stern with an inside-the-park HR! 8-0, Canadia!
Update 2: Jason Varitek with a grand slam! Great day for Sox hitters. Canadia's still up 8-6.
Update 3: Steve Nash is in the audience! Which makes sense because he's a Canadian who lives in Arizona! (But he was actually born in South Africa.)
Update 4: Awesome diving catch by Adam Stern!!!
Update 5: Lots of exclamation points!!!!!!
Update 6: I really should get back to work!!!!!!!!!
Update 7: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Update 8: Chase Utley hits a 400+ foot blast to dead center in the 8th; would have put Team USA up by 1 going into the 9th. But the newest Sox slugger, Adam Stern, makes a nice catch to end the threat. Oh yeah, and exclamation points!!!!!
Update 9: Bottom of the 9th: Adam Stern with another dive to catch a bloop by A-Rod, to end the game - but it pops out of his glove as he hits the ground. Tying run at the plate for USA - nope -
Update 10: CANADIA WINS, 8-6. WOW.

Hopefully that will shut up all the WBC critics. That was an amazing game.


  1. Well, I'm going to run across the street to the bar and catch the last couple innings. Damn. and this is just the first round and two days in a row cuts into my work schedule.

    Go Canada. I guess.

  2. I walked in to the bar and the bartender sais - when I saw I how this game was developing, I had a feeling you might be back.

    Even better on that Stern catch in the 8th was Utely's reaction. He thought he had won the game.

    So far this is looking like the Red Sox baseball classic. The Sox are certainly outrepresenting the Yanks.

  3. This might be my all time favorite post! From the exclamation marks to the bartender expecting X. This is truly the World Baseball CLASSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!