Monday, March 20, 2006

Holy Crap

I'm sure this will be nothing, but can you imagine if they can keep him a bit healthy and platoon him with Trot? Yeah he is old and its wishful thinking - its been 5+ years since he has been good.... Its hard to feel bad for a guy who has made 87MM in his career, but he did pull one of the bigger contract boners of all time in turning down $140 Million over 8 years during the 2000 season - hes' made $38 Million since then, but had he inked that deal, he would have been in the Manny range as second highest paid of all time.

Of course the other issue is - wasn't he one of the named players in Canseco's book?


  1. There is no downside to this aquisition for the Sox. If he's a bust, injury or otherwise, nothing lost. But if he turns it around and can be a force against lefthanders, wow! A no lose situation, and a good Theo move.

  2. Yeah, good move. If the Yankees had made it, I'd laugh at it, while secretly being sort of terrified.