Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The New York sportswriters are revolting

...against George Steinbrenner and his anti-WBC crusade (complete with misspelled sign):

Mike Lupica: If Boss is against it, that is a good sign
George Vecsey: Steinbrenner sails under a flag of convenience ("The next time George Steinbrenner rolls out American flags, anthems, eagles, or military jets over Yankee Stadium, remember this: They're just props.")
Murray Chass: A Sure Sign of Hypocrisy ("Having set the precedent, will Steinbrenner post signs of apology when Manager Joe Torre decides not to play a regular in an exhibition game, as he does in spring training?")


  1. Ah, but not everyone agrees. Yankee apologist George ing takes the other view:


    TAMPA - Empty seats at Legends Field are like Red Sox World Series wins: You don't see them often.

    However, with the WBC having kidnapped Alex Rodriguez, Derek Jeter, Johnny Damon and Bernie Williams, there have been numerous no-shows for the first three exhibition games.

    And those empty blue chairs will multiply today when Jason Giambi and Gary Sheffield aren't available to Joe Torre because of what are being described as minor injuries.

    While Legends Field is sold out for every game, the place hasn't been full and that equals lost revenue."

    A-Rod, Jeter and Damon were kidnapped. Amazing. Plus for a guy who has been covering baseball for years, he should know there are always empty seats in the spring.

    Lastly, how ironic that the two guys who are injured are both in Yankee camp and not with a WBC team.

  2. Speaking of the WBC, Ortiz just hit a solo HR in the DR-Venezuela game (off Santana). Nice way to start. Too bad he's not batting after Manny and/or Vlad.

  3. ...and a second one. Awesome.