Saturday, March 25, 2006


In January I compiled lists of all the punny headlines I could find after the signings of Coco Crisp and J.T. Snow. I was sure we'd see tons with the Hee Seop Choi pickup. Here's what I've found:

Choice Pickup - Empyreal Environs
Hee Sop Joy - 12eight
Happy Happy Choi Choi - Surviving Grady

What the hell? That's all? No "Ode to Choi"? No "No Choi in Mudville"? No "Choi of Sox"?!? C'mon, people. I really hope the puns return before the season begins - I mean, for chrissakes, we have a dude named "Riske" in the bullpen.

Probably the most positive comments on the Choi pickup can be found on a Yankees site, Bronx Banter. Best line: "Choi is a twenty-seven-year-old lefty-hitting first baseman with a severe platoon split who has yet to live up to his potential. Three years ago, the Twins released another twenty-seven-year-old lefty-hitting first baseman with a severe platoon split who had never lived up to his potential..." Nice. It's also pointed out that the tiebreaker rules which gave the Yanks the division last year without a playoff - basically bragging rights, nothing more - ended up hurting the Yanks, who probably would've loved to pick up Choi themselves. As it stands now, their backup 1B is Andy Phillips.


  1. Since his first outing with the Sox, I've called David Riske the obvious...David "Big" Riske. I hope I can change that to "no."

  2. I made a comment on my blog about his name when we acquired him. Something about how unfortunate his name was and that it would be worse if he were a doctor.

    He was not my favorite pick up this offseason.

  3. My title really wasn't intended to be a pun.

    Okay, yeah, I couldn't say that with a straight face.

    To make up for the dearth of puns, I slapped a few together for you:

    Choi Polloi
    Hee Who Must Be Obeyed
    What Seop?
    Big Seop Circus
    Hee for Vendetta