Friday, January 06, 2006

Snow Patrol

Snow Falls in Boston - Calgary Sun, 1/7/6
It's Snowing in Boston - SportsNewtwork, 1/7/6
Snow is in Sox' Forecast - Providence Journal, 1/7/6
Snow is in the Fenway Forecast - Brattleboro Reformer, 1/7/6
Sox have Snow Day - Boston Herald, 1/7/6
Snow Ball!!! - SawxBlog, 1/6/6
Snow in the Forecast - Sox1Fan, 1/6/6
Expect Snow this Summer - Over the Monster, 1/6/6
Snow Blankets Hub - Fenway Nation, 1/6/6
Let it Snow - 12eight, 1/6/6
There Will Be Snow in Boston - Boston Blood Sox, 1/6/6
Snow in Boston - Firebrand of the AL, 1/6/6
Could there be Snow in Boston? - Fresno Bee, 1/3/6
Snow in Forecast for Sox? - Boston Globe, 1/1/6
A forecast of Snow for Sox, Fenway - Boston Herald, 12/31/5
Holiday Snow wanted - Boston Herald, 12/29/5

More on the way...


  1. All this over a 38 year old back up 1st baseman. Secretly, I think they were just happy to have an excuse to pun away.

  2. Not much else to write about, WC.

  3. In fairness, he's only 37. He doesn't turn 38 until, uh, late February.

  4. My "Opposite of T.J." headline kicked the shit out of all of those.