Monday, January 09, 2006

Miggy being Miggy

Tejada now apparently does not want to be traded. This is after he demanded a trade, which is after he denied demanding a trade, which is after he demanded a trade. Really, and Manny's the biggest flake in the AL East?

Sam Perlozzo on the situation: "I totally believe we're not getting the whole picture from Miggy....I can't believe the faucet went from on to off just like that....Sometimes Miggy gets into situations where he says something he doesn't mean and doesn't know how to get out of it. I'm hoping this is that kind of situation."

Or, more concisely, Andrew on the situation: "Sounds like Tejada could get a job with the Bush administration with little to no difficulty."


  1. On a completely different topic. Has anyone heard anything about Wade Miller - I seem to recall hearing someone signed him to a minor league contract, but I can't find it on either ESPN or Yahoo transaction trackers.

  2. Haven't heard that, and it isn't in Google News either. No idea.

    Hey, remember when Wade Miller and Roy Oswalt were the two budding stars from the Houston system? Poor guy.

  3. Yeah it sure did come crashing down on him pretty quickly.

    The amazing thing is, he will probably continue to find a home for years to come as people will hope he can stay healthy. Heck he's already made about $6MM in his career and he's not eve 30, so teams will continue to take a chance on him. He'll probably make another $10MM before he is done. If a guy like Paul Wilson can find success as a reliever after 10 years and multiple surgeries, Miller can do the same - or at least convince teams that he can.