Thursday, January 19, 2006

Bronson: A Death Wish?

Ok, bad play on some good old vigilante movies...but it is 8 in the a.m...

Anyway, Arroyo is set to resign for 3 years at 11-13 million. I'll take it. While X and I have gone back and forth many times on this guy, I guess (even though I think he's a dope) I am happy to have this guy back. He's a guy who'll win you 13 or 14 games with an ERA in the mid 4's. They also have the flexibility to move him to the pen, if needed. And that is not big money. Not a bad move.

The down side (death wish?) is: Did teams figure him out last year? Well, he threw more innings (a plus with a bad bullpen), but teams that loaded their lineups with lefties hit him well. Hopefully, this is not a continuing trend. Tek better get to work on figuring out how Arroyo can be effective against lefties or Bronson will be the right-handed specialist out of the pen...


  1. I'm wary about keeping him around, but it's definitely one hell of a deal. It also make him really attractive trade bait, so we'll see.

  2. I for one was never confident went he took the mound last year, It seemed he was always one pitch from disaster, and a flat breaking pitch would be smashed to left center. I hope his concentration improves, if he does end up spending next season with our club.

  3. Agreed - we have gone back and forth on him a bit, but I think you have finally come around to where I was to begin with.

    The debate had centered on his upside, which I think he has reached. 13/14 wins and an ERA in the mid 4's is exactly what you get. And I agree he is worth having him around. My issue was with thinking that he could develop another pitch after 10 years in pro ball and make the jump to a Number 2 starter.

    I also agree with Andrew that he may now be more attractive as trade bait since there is a bit of cost certainty for an acquiring team - of course if someone does deal for him and Arroyo has even a decent year, he can demand a trade and the team will have to fulfill the request or he can elect to be a FA that spring. With the deal being potentially below market, that may be a real concern. Still I think it makes him more likely to be dealt.