Monday, January 16, 2006

Dontrelle strikes it Rich

A one year (record breaking, sort of) deal for $4.35 million. I have to wonder why the Marlins did this so soon. The figures were to be exchanged tomorrow. Why not wait it out and see what he was going to ask for? You can ALWAYS pay a guy the most ever for a 2 year SP. They must have been worried they would end up in the $5 million category.


  1. Yeah, pretty odd. Good for Dontrelle, though -- it's hard not to like the guy.

    There's some ESPN Insider article with the front-pgae summary: "It's never easy in the land of the expansionites. Just ask the Diamondbacks, Marlins, Devil Rays and Rockies." No idea what the article is about, but given that those four teams (the newest in baseball) have won 3 of the last 9 World Series, I don't see what the point possibly could be.

  2. Dontrelle's definitely one of the most marketable, likeable young players in the game. Makes sense for the Marlins to pay up for him, but I would have expected an attempt to buy out the arb years with a long-term deal rather than this quick fix.

  3. Exactly. By signing him yesterday to a (sort of) record deal, they really didn't accomplish anything.

    There were a lot of signings yesterday and with baseball awash in all sorts of new revenue streams, I wonder if the agents and the MLBPA are going to seek a higher awards than in recent years. That is the only thing I can think....

  4. Okay - just saw today's headlines and that really must be the case.

    Mark Tex gets two years and over $15!!! Are you kidding me. If my recollection is correct, for his years of service, the biggest awards ever were less than $5MM and less than $10. And again the Rangers did not buy out ANY of his FA years. They control him for 3 years - why not try to do a deal like 5 years $40-45 million.