Saturday, January 07, 2006

Curse of CHB

Just finished the morning Globe as a prep heading into the Pats game. And CHB is at it again. Basically predicting a Pats victory - not as blatant as the Secretariat and his prediction the Pats would roll over Indy earlier this year, but things are not looking good for the Pats now.


  1. I've stopped reading anything in the Globe, so I never know how CHB comes down on anything. Yeah, I prefer it when he's a negative jerk.

    I'm liking this 2nd drive so far...

  2. ...or 4th drive. Whatever.

  3. Well then. Maybe when the Curse of the CHB is directly invoked, it isn't valid?

  4. Oh well. Of course he did take a shot at the Sox in the article.

    Even when he's not a jerk, he still is a jerk. Swarmy ugly freak when it comes right down to it.

    One of the bad things about being a pretty rabid Sox fan is that everyone knows it and I end up with at least 5 things Red Soxy for the holidays. Well its a good thing and a bad thing. this year, the wife's dad got me book on the Curse - it was actually a picture book based on CHB's book. He didn't know any better and I had to pretend to like it even though I wanted puke. Oh well, I guess I can read it to my daughter and revise the story as I see fit....

  5. Luckily, not even CHB could knock them down last night.