Friday, January 13, 2006

And The Bullpen Gets Deeper

Wow...I'll say this...The front office sure has shortened the games for the starters...If Foulke is healthy and effective, our starters only have to get in to the 6th before we hand it to the pen...This will greatly aid the likes of Arroyo (unless he becomes the long guy in the pen), and Papelbon (as he hasn't thrown a billion innings), and Beckett...

Van Buren

(with DiNardo, Delcarmen, Hansen, Lester, and others waiting in the wings)...

They built this without really giving anything up. You could argue that Mota was in the Hanley trade, but we got Beckett, too...


  1. Yeah, I gotta say I'm pretty happy with the pitching. If Schilling and Foulke are back, it's going to be pretty amazing. (Let's just hope the signing of Tavarez was just to shore up the pen, and not to deal Foulke being broken.)

  2. Well, the Globe (for what it is worth) says that the Sox were looking to deal Wells for a reliever, but that didn't work out so they went with Tavarez...