Monday, January 30, 2006

Its that time again

No, not book reivew. I have a few in the pipeline. But this is a TV review. Spike TV aired Viva Baseball back in September. And it sat on my TIVO until Saturday. It is the story of latinos in baseball. Very informative and gave lots of neat history and old videos. But the mst classic moment was "A-Rod." He gave a very brief interview in which he said in latin accent, "My name is Alex Rodriguez." and then went on about how proud he is to be a latin ballplayer and he is especially glad that players like Clemente and Vic Power paved the way for him to make it more easily in today's game.

Dude - you were born in NY and lived in the DR for four years (4yo to 8yo) and you went to High School in Miami. Its sad. He really wants everyone to love him.

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