Monday, January 30, 2006

What's Next For Our Sox?

Ok, the kaybash (sp?) was put on this thread earlier, but as it turns out the Sox GOT Coco Crisp, as expected...So it doesn't look like a bad thing to speculate. Just try thinking of this:

You're sitting a table in a bar with some buddies discussing possibilities...

CF and leadoff solved...

Ok, do you need a SS? Gonzalez hasn't been taken by anyone else, yet...Does that lower his price? Or, maybe a better question, why hasn't he been taken yet? Let me revive what I posted before...Our lineup looks something like this if the Sox do nothing else before opening day...

CF Crisp
2b Loretta
DH Ortiz
LF Manny
3b Lowell
C Varitek
RF Nixon
1B Youk
SS Cora

(Feel free to move from Manny on in the lineup around however you see fit...) Of all the infielders, most of them play numerous positions, and you have Graffanino ready to play, as well...Dustin Mohr is the 4th outfielder...


Do we now have a bargaining chip with Wells? We no longer need Jay Payton or Dave Roberts, so those teams can't hold the CF position over the Sox's heads in negotiations. In other words, the Sox are now going to be dealing from a position of power in any further negotiations this off-season. That is why this Crisp deal had to get done. It puts the Sox in the driver's seat now...

Now that Mota is not in the pen, would the Dodgers take Wells for Baez? We have some pitching to deal, here...However, I am thinking Arroyo heads to the pen ready to start if Schill or Beckett go to the DL...and we keep Clement hoping his late woes last year came as a result of the line drive off the old noggin'...

Of course, what about a deal for a SS?


  1. the Sox are now going to be dealing from a position of power in any further negotiations this off-season.

    That's a very good point. I'm actually quite happy with the bullpen now, so don't feel a need to get Baez; another SS would be nice but no one comes to mind. I'd be happy with getting some prospects for Wells. Again, the Dodgers seem like the natural team for that.

  2. An interesting twist would be Loretta batting leadoff, with CC to follow. Number wise, MarkL would be a better candidate for first up, but that's what Spring training is for. Just putting that out there.

  3. an even better idea is batting Youk and Loretta 1-2 in the order. But I think the chances of that are essentially zero, so oh well.

  4. Francona has already gone on record as saying that Youk will not leadoff - in fact he has said he doubts Youk will get 500 ABs.

    And while the Sox are no longer dealing from a position of total weakness (as was the case with Crisp), I would not go so far as to say they are dealing from a position of strength. At least when it comes to Wells. The clock is ticking until P&C report. I don't think management wants to deal with Wells griping in camp. Hopefully if they can't get something done before then, Theo takes wells aside and promises that if he behaves, Theo will continue to work a deal to the West Coast.

    Lastly, I liked out pen a bit better with Mota here. Try not to look at Riske's numbers and think he is good enough to set up. Down the stretch, Wedge had virtually no confidence in him. Take a look at his game log (and compare to CLE's run at the end of the season.) He didn't pitch in ANY close games. Maybe there is something that the Sox can fix - his K rate was way down - but I would not want to head into this season and count on him for big performance.

    Yes we have Timlin, Seanez and Tavarez to provide some insurance (and maybe Papelbon, Hansen or Delcarmen) and they should be much improved over last year, I just like having Mota's power arm.

  5. Well that all depends on if Mota is any good any more. He had 2 1/2 good seasons, all in LA, and even in a pitcher's park (Florida) has sucked for the last 1 1/2 years. Have to wonder if DePodesta knew something when he traded him; that, plus the failed physical in Cleveland (I know, I know, may or may not be real). It is very possible Riske may be an upgrade.

  6. I guess I am a bit suprised that everyone is listing Youk as our starting first baseman. He's played 9 games in the position. I wouldn't be all that suprised if JT Snow does some serious platooning (if not the default started by the end of the season).

    By the way, I thought
    was interesting. Hopeful, Youk isn't picking up too many pointers from Bellhorn :-)