Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Benson t(i)rade

All the great quotes we were looking for by Anna and Kris Benson regarding their inevitable post-Santa trade from New York can be found in this video (warning: possibly not safe for work, given it's the FHM photo shoot: she's in a bra with baseball stitching, and spends much of her time, uh, straddling a bat). We hear how the trade is great because "it's good publicity for her", and the Orioles get some serious damning-with-faint-praise: "we got good fans, we got a good team, we got, uh, real good fans...Great management!" But the best is definitely Anna's discussion of their charity work:
"...we, uh, factored in one million dollars to give to the city of New York out of the contract, to help fight terrorism, to help fight, um, you know, children's issues, and animal issues, and women's rights ..."


  1. Classic. The great management line obviously a dig at Omar.

    And she said "she knows a lot of Mets" Did she make good on her threat to sleep with Kris' teammates?

    What charities fight terrorism?

    What a nightmare. And how do his locker room interactions go.

    Any teammate: "Dude your wife is crazy. Why do you put up with that and let embarass you like this?"

    About the only answer that could make sense - "Dudes she is smoking hot and great in bed."

    To which I would retort - "yeah man, and I can't wait until you cheat on her and then I get to sleep with her."

  2. What charities fight terrorism?

    Good question. Another good question: how many charities fight children's issues and women's rights? She's either stupid or evil. (Or both.)

    I totally missed the dig at Omar. Well done.

    Admittedly, before watching the video I hadn't made the connection that Mazzone would be his pitching coach. Benson's one of those guys who should be much better than he is -- it'll be interesting to see if Mazzone can actually get him to improve.

  3. That actually should be a great case of nature versus nurture. The guys should have been great - he was a number one overall pick. He throws in the mid 90s (Or used to) but has never been a big K guy.

    I think what will complicate matters even more with Benson (and a bit for Mazzone), is that Camden is more of a bandbox. Benson is coming from one of the more friendly pitchers parks - especially for HRs. And while Camden has actually been a bit overblown as a HR park, it is much more hitter friendly (not to mention AL vs NL) that anywhere Benson has ever pitched regularly. And he has never been particularly good at keeping the ball in the park - 24 Hrs last year - of which 16 were when he was away from the friendly confines of Shea.

    Mazzone may be a genius if he can prevent Benson from having an ERA over 5.00. In fact this is my prediction for Benson - 32 HR and an ERA of 4.90.

  4. Good points. Of course, his away numbers should take a hit this year also. Whereas he got a bunch of games in Florida and Atlanta last year, this year it'll be Fenway and Skydome.

    I guess we'll be seeing a bit of Anna Benson on NESN this year, huh. Whoopee.

  5. Not to mention Wash which was the toughest place to score. By my calculation the AL EAST versus NL EAST for him is 10% more runs based on park factors - which does NOT include the fact that offenses are way more devastating - the PA numbers are team nuetral. Could be a long season for Benson.

    And last year he made 16 of his 28 starts at home. 2 starts each in WASH and FLA, and 1 each in SF, SD, and OAK. So by my calculations that is 23 of 28 starts in severe pitchers parks - the only he didnt start in was Dodger stadium and Safeco. And he no starts in ARI, COL and only one each in HOU and PHI which are the four hitters parks in the NL.

    So he pitched like crap on the road even in some friendly parks.

    Wow - a real long season is coming. My 4.9o projection may be generous.

  6. Mets fans must wonder a tad about his trade. I don't see an upside for the Mets. He must really love his wife to let this go without saying SOMETHING to her about her BIG MOUTH. Ralph Kramden comes to mind, bt he is so loveable while she is...she is...words don't immediately come to mind on that one. Great weekend, guys.

  7. Is it me, or has she gone down hill a little?