Thursday, January 05, 2006

Judgement in the Off-Season

This front office has taken a ton of heat. I am starting to think it is mostly because Damon went to the YANKEES and for really no other reason, yet...They will get a CF and a SS (if you don't like Graf and Cora there)...To support my argument here is the list of arrivals and departures.

Arrivals: RHP Beckett (trade), 3B Lowell (trade), 2B Loretta (trade), 3B Marte (trade), RHP Guillermo Mota (trade) and RHP Jamie Vermilyea (trade).

Departures: CF Damon, 3B Bill Mueller, SS Renteria, 1B Millar, 1B John Olerud, LHP Mike Myers, C Doug Mirabelli.

Call me crazy, but I like the "arrivals" list overall more than the "departures". Figure that Youk and JT Snow take over for Millar and Olerud and I am feeling pretty good about things.


  1. Seriously, I totally agree with you. As much as many Sox fans (like WEEI callers) say they hate the way the Yankees ruin baseball, most secretly wish the Sox could just throw hundreds of millions of dollars at overpriced free agents, with no regard to the farm system, etc.