Saturday, January 21, 2006

Everyone gets a turn

Okay so that was a phrase used in college to describe a woman with loose moral fiber. actually the term was "she's a doorknob" becasue everyone gets a turn.

Now the subject is actually everyone gets to weigh in on Theo. Know its the usually reasonable Jackie McMullan. So she is saying that Theo needs to explain himself. Please. I know it is the nature of the media - pump them up when they are down and smack them down when they are up.

Over at Andrew's site, I half heartedly did a refution (is that a word?) of the CHB article and I am tempted to do one for this article. I'll pass on the paragraph by paragraph analysis. But really. Its funny that she said about three or four times that Theo resigned or quit. (And she made about three other references to it). Which as we know is not quite true. Then she makes it seem as if Ben and Jed were duped and made to look ridiculous. Again, please. Those guys knew damn well that the chances of Theo coming back were very high. And they were announced with any reference to "B&J were signed to 3 year contracts as Co-GMs." When was the last time you saw anyone in baseball signed and the terms of the contract were not released.

The only valid point she made was that on Oct 31, they should not have treated that date as a hard deadline.

Oh well, as a columnist she can say whatever she wants. A lesson we already learned from the CHB.

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  1. I just finished her piece in the Globe, and it seems like she and Theo were past lovers the way she pouts and demands an explanation. She makes a couple of good points, but then resumes her jilted lover persona. Oh well, no one knows nothin' until we hear from the club next week. Exactly where and how Theo will be re-incorporated into the club will have to wait until then. Have a great weekend, guy.