Saturday, January 14, 2006


The Dodgers got Baez from TB and for (former) number one prospect Edwin Jackson and another young pitcher. Interesting move - if you believe the rumor mill, they insisted on getting Heilman from the Mets even though the Mets may had made a few reasonable offers.

While Jackson's stock has slid, he had the tools to make him the number 4 prospect in BB just two years ago.

Colleti continues the remake of the Dodgers - and with SF getting Morris and hopefully Schmidt, Benitez and Bonds back from injury, there could be some good ball out here on the West Coast this summer.


  1. Hey...Do you think this means that the Dodgers are now going to flip Baez to the Sox for Wells?

    I know that the Sox wanted Baez and that the Dodgers wanted Wells...

  2. Interesting thought, and a month ago or so it would've made a lot of sense, but I can't see adding the bullpen to be a huge priority right now -- it looks pretty good.

  3. Yeah, the bullpen looks pretty good. But, if the Sox are going to trade Wells (a 15-game winner) they may as ell get a quality arm in return. Plus, it definitely gives Hansen another year in the minors, which he'll probably need. And...Foulke is still a question mark (although I think he'll come back with something to prove this year)...