Sunday, January 22, 2006


I guess one of the things that should have been on my list of things to look forward to in the 2006 season was - no more WBC talk. Sure I will pay attention to it when it happens, but the media are obsessed with it. And, of course, that is what MLB wants from it - greater exposure.

On the WBC, from Joel Sherman, probably the most sane voice in NY (or Boston for that matter), "I just fear they are risking the integrity of the 162-game season for an event that plays better as a concept. " A bit drastic, don't you say?

Of course many people like to always talk about the integrity and history, blah, blah, blah. fFirst it was the DH, or maybe even divisional play before that, then it was the wild card, interleague play, etc, etc.

So add that to my list. I know Earl had it as a comment - what impact it has on it. But it really is no different than any other spring. Its highly unlikely that anyone is going to get hurt. Or if they do, that it wouldn't have happened in camp. In just the past, what, three, four years the Sox have lost/aggravated injuries to Nomar, Nixon, Schilling in spring training. Griffey used to make an annual event of his spring training injuries. And now this year if ANY player in the WBC, gets ANY injury, however minor, it will be this HUGE story.

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  1. And we are only really talking about 30-40 meaningful games (i.e, the 8 games each for the two finalists plus the 7 games each for the other quarter finalists.

    The rest of the rosters (South Africa, Cuba, most of the Netherlands, the non Japan eastern teams) are filled with non MLB players.

    Or about two days worth of spring games.

    I really do think you are going to hear more whining about guys not getting enough repititions WAY more so than an injury. Anyone in the WBC who gets off to slow start will have that excuse. Guarantee we will hear it at least from 5 players.