Tuesday, January 17, 2006

WBC Thoughts

Well the rosters have been announced. And in listening to Buck Martinez talk, I wonder about the US teams chances. Or more specifically about his ability to lead the team.

Some of the gems Martinez has said (all quotes are paraphrases, but I swear he has said all of these):

"We are still looking to fill some spots. This is going to be a difficult tournament and the difference may come down to speed and defense." - Um, yeah. A team with a lineup of Damon, Jeter, Derek Lee, Bonds, Tex, Chipper Jones, Varitek, Lance Berkman and a pitching staff of Halladay, Hudson, etc etc sure is likely to need to play some small ball to win. NOT.

On Leiter being on the roster: "Leiter has a lot of experience and is a nice contrast to some of the power arms we have on the roster. He is doing a lot of things similar to what Dontrelle Willis is doing." Are you kidding me.

On playing time: "Everyone knows major league (position) players are not able to play 9 innings on or around March 7."

Yes, he is our leader.


  1. Not for nothing. I haven't played baseball or softball for a while (years?), but...I think that I could muster up the energy to play a 9-inning game...Anyone else think they're up to that challenge?

  2. Not to mention that these guys make so much money these days that they keep themselves in great shape year round.

    Its not like the 50s, hell even as late as the 70s, that the majority of guys had winter jobs and spring training was for them to play themselves into shape.

    Its ridiculous. Plus even after he has said that, you watch he will have people playing 9 innings.