Thursday, January 05, 2006


"There will be no trade, I'm staying in Boston, where I'm familiar with the system and where I have a lot of friends, especially David Ortiz."

Manny Ramirez, January 5

(...good thing he's not some sort of flake, so we know there's no chance he'll change his mind, huh?)

Update: Manny's agent is denying he ever said that. That didn't take long. Once again, we at GYS nail another incredibly easy prediction!


  1. Also...

    "The Orioles have told the Red Sox they would not accept Ramírez and pitcher Matt Clement for Tejada; they clearly would prefer one of the Sox' pitching prospects (Jonathan Papelbon, Jon Lester) in the deal."

    ...what the hell?

  2. Frosted flake, and I think the frosted part isn't sugar. And Earl, the O's have backed off that stance in the last few days. Do they think we're idiots? Jeez!

  3. So who wants to bet that Manny produces less than 100 RBIs this season in a Red Sox uniform?

    I've got my money on greater than 100 RBIs...

  4. RBI's right now are not the point. Manny's agent does not speak for Manny. I mean, who does, with a completely correct translation? Mr. Spock? This is something that will require a little wait time. Although a Vulcan mind probe WOULD be the final way to puzzle this out. No one gets inside the mind of Manny.

  5. The whole agent thing is not surprising. Hey, if he can work out a new deal for Manny, that means more money for the agent. And, if the issue is dead, it means Mr. Greg Genske does not get his name in the papers almost daily.

    On the subject of agents and pay, I wonder how Genske being Manny's new agent works. His old agent, Jeff Moorad, is now the President of the D-backs. Basic wisdom says a player agent receives 5% of the deal, which I assume paid annually or when the player is paid. And I'm sure there are some rules about a team President collecting a check as an agent.

    Why would Moorad walk away from that annuity - more likely he sold his agent business which includes that future payment stream and is discounted for PV and estimate of future services (i.e., all the angling that guys like Genske, Boras do for their high profile clients.

    One thing jumped out at me on Tuesday and Wednesday as watched the Orange and Rose Bowls (actually a number of things jumped out at me - like bad kicking and Pete Carroll blowing the championship), but my real point was baseball always takes a load of crap about games dragging on and on, to all hours of the night (at least for the E. Coast), and no WS games being able to be viewed by kids.

    So both games go way past midnight and frankly, were soooo boring and drawn out at times. The 3 OTs in the Orange bowl took almost 45 minutes. Ridiculous, it was a total of about 25 plays. And of course tons of commercials.

    And the announcers just would not stop with the bad jokes about how late it was. Shut up.

    But of course most of the analysis the next day focused on the game. Where are the articles complaining about the kids not getting to watch. And the same thing this weekend with the Pats, whose game will approach midnight.

    why does football get a free pass?

  6. Peter - forgive me if I'm wrong, but i was under the impression that RBI's - and baseball production in general - are EXACTLY the point. If he's here, he'll produce them. If he's traded, he'll hopefully return someone or some players who will do so as well. That's the point. The point isn't to have a clubhouse full of grinders and 'with it' guys, it's to have a good baseball team. Manny makes us a better team than we would be without him, flake or no.

  7. Andrew, when I said that RBI's are not the point, I meant they were not the point in this discussion, at least at the time I wrote the comment. Manny and RBI's are as tied together as a noose and the man doomed to die inside its tightening grasp.