Tuesday, January 03, 2006

What Do the Sox Really Need?

Ok...let's not think about "other teams" and how they got better or whatever...What do the Sox really need?

If healthy, their starting rotation looks good. Currently, they even have guys they can trade (Wells, Clement, Arroyo (after his comments about Johnny leaving, I would guess he is gone))...

Their bullpen, again, if healthy, looks good.

Catcher? Good

Ok, so let's look at the infield.
Youk at first (also looks like JT Snow will be added to the mix for platooning)...
Loretta at second
Lowell at third.
Shortstop? I think, honestly they can get away with Cora there. He's a very good fielder but not a great hitter. He does hit, though, and at the very least he can work the count. Stick him in the nine hole and he'd be fine...
Also, we have Graffanino...he can play 2b, ss, or 3b...
So do we have to trade for Tejada?

Well, that brings us to the outfield...
RF Trot Nixon...He's the only definite. But, he gets hurt way too much.
CF We do not have a CF...
LF Currently Manny, but HE WANTS TO LEAVE...Therefore, Tejada...Which leaves the Sox with a good-when-healthy RF in Nixon, and nothing else.

Of course the O's would give us an outfielder in the trade, either (my guess from a previous post) Matos or Gibbons.

Then Wells for Roberts?

Our outfield would then be
RF Nixon
CF Matos or Roberts
LF Gibbons or Matos or Roberts

In Roberts, you get a leadoff guy...So in typical Grieve fashion I conclude this post with the new Red Sox lineup.

CF Dave Roberts
2B Mark Loretta/Graffanino
DH David Ortiz
SS Miguel Tejada
LF Jay Gibbons
3B Mike Lowell
C Jason Varitek
RF Trot Nixon
1B Kevin Youkilis/Snow



  1. Certainly a line-up with less punch, but if the starters come through, including whoever else might be added or subtracted to/from the rotation, we should be OK. The pinstriped team looks to me to be set up to score a TON of runs. Their pitching will really have to suck or 1st place is a lock.

  2. The Sox set records with their run scoring and it didn't do them any good. Ok, one year it did, but their pitching was great that year, too...

    Look at the White Sox last year...Pitching is huge...

    Even if we score 100-150 less runs we are still at the league average or a little above...

    I think that lineup is pretty good...You definitely need a good 4th outfielder, but not too shabby. And lots of depth...

  3. The Herald is reporting the extra outfielder is most likely a prospect, not Matos/Gibbons. I don't like that at all.

  4. What were the comments by Arroyo? I haven't seen anything reported in the "mainstream" media.

  5. Looks like Burnitz is not joining the O's after all...

  6. Ok, with Burnitz not joining maybe that makes this deal more likely? Who knows?

    I still think we put a solid lineup out there everyday, and have solid pitching to boot.

    NOW...in comparison, the Yankees have a great lineup and not very good pitching. This rotation does not scare me in the least...

    Randy Johnson
    Mike Mussina
    Pavano or Wright

    Mussina is now a guy who definitely has stints on the DL every year, and Wang had a long one (hehe) in his rookie season. Pavano and Wright suck...

    Also, I was looking at the Blue Jays. Their pitching is good with Chacin, Halladay, and Burnett (you can even throw Towers in there). Their lineup, though? Overbay, Glaus, and Wells...ok...but Hillenbrand, Rios, Johnson, Hill, Adams???

    X...Arroyo mentioned the total feeling of chaos and that there was no one steering the boat. He then threw in, "This club is coming apart at the seams." I saw the interview the night there was the Sox press conference with Lucchino, Hoyer, et al...I think it was on the Bob Nuemeier show on NESN, and I know the Globe had quotes in one of the Damon articles. Anyway, he's probably trade bait for Seattle...

  7. Yeah now that you mention it I seem to recall it a bit. I didn't think the comments were that egregious. I seem to recall the words "the freakin wheels are falling of" and that he was disappointed. However I don't think they were comments such that they would deal him. Even Varitek made comments about the team being changed and they sure won't deal him.

    If anything they will deal Arroyo because he is not that good. They figure he can develop that extra pitch while someone else pays his escalating salary.

  8. I was just going over some of Arroyo's numbers...

    He gave up most of his HRs in Fenway...15 of 22...

    He won 14 games. 7 at Fenway...7 on the road.

    Over 200 IP which our bullpen needed...6 1/3 innings per start averaged.

    He blew up in August, but was consistent the rest of the season.

    If they deal him they should not just throw him in to some deal. He would still be one of the best number 5 out there, and a pretty good number 4. He can also pitch from the pen.

    Yes, that one pitch. I am telling you I don't know why they don't force him to work on one last pitch for lefties...A changeup that moves away like Pedro...Lefties kill him...He hit 10 of them (hit 4 righties), gave up 17 of his 22 HRs to them, over 50 more hits, and 50 points higher in batting average...it's glaring...

  9. You are right - Arroyo is a nice 5 starter. But now that he is getting more expensive, there are better options. I would be willing to bet we just saw Brandon's two most productive years, so I would stick to the adage of wanting to get rid of him a year too early that a year to late.

    Agree he should not be a throw in, but I do think they should see what they can get. Especially with a few holes to fill.

    The guy is going to be 29 this year and has been playing professional ball for 10+ years. I don't see him learning a new pitch now. You know the saying about old dogs and new tricks. Usually pitchers that learn new pitches late in their career are power pitchers that learn splitter. Y