Friday, January 13, 2006

Its already begun

Kevin Kernan in yesterdays post:

Which brings us to the big name on the next ballot – Mark McGwire. Until Big Mac comes clean and let's the world know exactly how did he get so big, and stay so big, he’s not a Hall of Famer in my book.


  1. The same type of guy who said Pete Rose needs to admit he bet on baseball if he ever wants to be reinstated.

    Also in that category is the recently executed Tookie Williams, and the people who said if he wanted the Terminator to spare his life, he should admit his crime and accept responsiblity.

    Of course that logic doesn't make any sense.

    Oh, you broke the rules - Okay, now that you have admitted it, we will reward you. But not until then.

  2. Yeah, it's ridiculous. I've always been fine keeping Rose out of the Hall. And I don't blame those who believed him all those years and now are pissed off since it turned out he was lying to them. But the people who said "all he has to do is tell the truth" are hypocrites if they don't now support his induction in the Hall.

  3. But Earl, thos people that don't support him rationalize it by saying - "sure, he admitted it, but he did it in a book that he made money on. and he didn't say he was sorry."

    Pete should have known that what they really meant was - "we want Pete to go on Barbara Walters and break down in tears and sobs admit he did it, wish that he could take it back, and bet the American people for forgiveness."

  4. Yeah, I forgot about that. I really think, had he donated all the profits from his book to charity (maybe related to gambling addiction!) things may have turned out differently for him.

    Oh well. It's not something I can really get worked up about, since like I said, I'm fine with the ban.

  5. Unrelated, but too lazy for a new post - Jeter was here doing the video game thing as well and they interviewed him and the subject of the WBC came up and he said "I just hope I'm good enough to make the team." Then paused and gave that little smug smile. Like aw-shucks.

    If Buck Martinez really wants to win the WBC, I think he should put A-Rod at short (if he plays) and Chavez at third.

    To me that is better than Jeter at SS and then having to find a way to play both Chavez and A-Rod. And frankly, A-rod will be the best SS on the team.

  6. Actually, we've got a pretty decent chance of having, a few years down the line, an entire 'steroid class' of non-HOFers that were kept out entirely due to speculation of/proof of steroid use. Guys like McGwire, Palmeiro, Sosa, et al.

    Overall, yeah, I agree, this need for emotional prostration in public is pretty obnoxious.

  7. McGwire dug his own grave. Now let him languish in it. For many years.