Tuesday, January 24, 2006

3 letters (and one punctuation mark), which sum up this offseason pretty well

W T F ?


  1. Well, I suppose the statement itself makes some sense. And probably has a lot more info than a press conference would. Still, the whole thing is a circus.

  2. I applaud Henry for calling out the media in this.

    And they did what they had to do. Of course they will get slammed and accused of mistreating Jed and what's his face, but those guys knew this was a possiblity and (I hope for their sake) were smart enough to negotiate a nice little sum of cash for their embarassment.

    Of course the same media will blast them. And had they made Theo president of baseball ops and kept Jed and what's his face as co-GMs they would have been slammed for it being a facade. They were in a no win situation.

  3. "F"ing spam. This Mota travesty has really got me steamed. It sucks all the joy and all the puzzlement out of the Theo weirdness. Do not include Delcarmen in this deal. And while we're at it, make sure Josh Beckett's arm is sound before something happens on the mound, God forbid. And if Mota IS damaged goods, get retribution from the Marlins. I hope the Sox FO does not act like the pansies that they've started to become. I have to take a deep breath or eight and calm down.