Thursday, January 05, 2006

Call me a traitor....

But I don't think I will be able to cheer for the US team in the WBC. Seriously. Especially now that A-Rod says he now will play for the US (after I'm sure, Team Boras calculating that this is the best possible situation for his image.) For starters, even if the team had like a zillion players (all of whom I like) and the game was on the line, I could not root for A-Rod to come through with the winning hit. I really do not want to listen to him and his canned perfect quotes about how its an honor to play for the US and he's just trying to help his team blah, blah, blah.

But seriously - the US team is going to likely have Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, Jeter, A-rod, new enemy Johnny Damon, and possibly Gary Sheffield and old enemy Andy Pettite. Can you seriouly root for this team? Especially since the first 6 guys in that list will likely be front an center when it comes to the spotlight. Sure there will be feel good stories of "kids" - Texeria, D-Train, Huston Street, Jake Peavy to name a few. And Varitek should see the bulk of the meaningful playing time (hey A-Rod and Tek will be teammates - very cool). I'm sorry, but its just not a likeable bunch.

I may cheer for the DR or just all around good baseball. Heck the DR team will have Manny, Papi, a still likeable Pedro, Vladi and Pujols. At least they will be serious about playing for their country.


  1. I am with X, go DR!!! The US Team is going to be all business. This is like Men's Olympic Basketball, overpaid stars that think it's going to be a cake-walk.

    I might also cheer for a major underdog like Japan. All right, "major" is a little extreme.

    Do you think if Pedro faces ARod that he'll pitch high and tight? It would make for a great story, ARod knocked on his ass for turning his back on the DR.

    Man, how does one become a lightening rod, like ARod? Oh yeah, by being a dick - so silly for me to forget.

  2. Fuck it, I'm rooting for South Africa.